Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Old school is still cool!

Auto-Otaku.com says it nicely, "Purposeful flares to cover the ultra-wide wheels and Advan race rubber. Under the hood you won't find any high tech turbo set-ups or an engine swap. You will find 3.1 liters of naturally aspirated L-series goodness. The car's best lap time was 1:02.911, awesome for an NA L-series car."

Man, I love these old 240Z cars! Perfect lines, great sounding inline 6 cylinder. Especially with flares holding back big sticky meats! Perfection!

Sleeper? Yeah, right! Lovin' the '7'!

So, this Black 2nd generation RX-7 is considered by some to be a sleeper, because of its simple appearance, lack of vinyl graphics and sponsorships. But, this daily drivable car runs in the 58 second range at Tsukuba, which is amazing! The brand new GT-R runs about 1:03 seconds or so. They sure know how to 'get r dun' in Jap town!

Here are a couple of 3rd gen RX7's. Why did they stop making this car??? It is easily in my top 5 favorite cars! Enjoy!

Como eles rolar em Japao

How they roll in Japan...check it out! Found some killer pictures from this website: auto-otaku.com. The name in Japan is perfect for me, basically it translates to car nut.

Here is a 2008 STi running some laps at Tsukuba, Japan. The SunCyber Evo, one of the fastest at Tsukuba and an old Karman Ghia set up for the road course too. Love it!