Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crazy fast MK2 Ford Escort (Tarmac Rally)
These old school Fords are awesome! I wondered if this vid was sped up or something, this car was just rippin' up the touge hardcore. Amazing driver with skills yo!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

240sx, 180sx, sileighty, silvia, S13, S14, S15...

Here's the latest car craze for me, the Nissan 240sx or Silvia or 180sx in Japan. The S13 came in hatchback and coupe from 1989-1993, then the S14 kouki and zenki version (original and revised) from 1994-1998. That's all we got here in the states. Japan had one more version, the S15 from 1999-2004 I think.
I've been into these cars in the past. These cars are front engine, rear wheel drive, fairly lightweight. They are well known for their ease to tuning for different motorsports, but are most well known for drifting. In the states, they came with a weak but big 2.4L 4 cylinder making about 155hp. But, in Japan they had the infamous SR20DET, a 2.0L dohc turbocharged/intercooled 4 cylinder making from about 200 early on to 250hp in the S15. Anyway, these cars are just simply cool looking when modded right. Here's some of my favorite examples. Props to Risky Devil, OG Made, Speedhunters, the Hsu's for their inspiration and humility and others. Enjoy, I know I do.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Singapore Trip

So, Singapore is way cool when it comes to cars. They get all the good Jap stuff. For example, I spied many evo's, Suby's, 2 new GTRs and a plethora of Honda Fits, Mazda 2's, Suzuki's and even a couple of Honda Civic and Integra Type Rs. Here's a couple of pics.