Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hechtspeed RCs in Vegas!

Just wanted to show off some pics found on forums highlighting some RC action in Vegas. I really dig these pics. I think BurtRod was born with a radio in one hand and an exacto in the other. :) Just call him Burt Yeager! PoppiRod is the one who taught him everything he knows. The Hechtspeeders are passionate at their hobbies, that's for sure. The craftsmanship and pilot "shill" these two have are amazing! They are 2 of the best in the business that is for sure. You got a brand new built scale plane that you're scared to death to fly, give the sticks over to BurtRod (known as Corsair Nut on and he'll get you dialed in. I'll have to make it out next year to Vegas with the camera and we'll get some proper photographs of your works of art! ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Utah Cobra Club Astro Burger Lunch Meet

So, I get the Utah Cobra Club emails. Last Friday I drove over to the Astro Burger on State Street to take in some yummy burgers and Cobras. There were about 10 cars or so. 2 of which were Kirkham Motorsports cars. The Kirkhams are aluminum bodied, better than originals, Cobras that run real 427 Side Oilers. No paint required, just a polished finished with brushed stripes. WOW!!! Enjoy my crap cell phone pictures.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

United Stance of America

StanceWorks has been my favorite website/forum today! Here's some cars you can find if you do a Google image search for "stanceworks". Lots of bimmers at the moment on stanceworks, but hey, bimmers are hott, especially M3's.
StanceWorks motto: StanceWorks is, well, all about stance.
Stretch, Poke, Tuck, Low, whatever it is, we’re game. We believe stance (and wheels, of course) makes a car- that nothing more is needed if executed to perfection.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Datsun got soul

PhotobucketK, I'm going to send you over to Motor Mavens for the full report HERE and owners comments about this car. I'll summarize...the owner is 20 years old, used Acura Integra coilovers because the 240Z coilovers didn't get him low enough and the wheels/tires are 15x11 rear with 225/50/15 and 15x10 front with 205/50/15. Them's some wide wheels! Enjoy these pics by Antonio Alvendia from Speedhunters/Motor Mavens fame. Build your cars with character and soul people! Its not just transportation people, its a mode of freedom!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Biddy, biddy Box, funky, funky!

So, its been 6 days since I decided to get a Scion xB for my next car. I'm proud of myself. I'mm still totally excited for March 2010. The response from my car buddies has been pretty, uh, well, sort of confused you could say. Responses, like, "What, those are the ugliest cars around, why would you want one of those?" To my pap saying, "I've failed as a parent, what are you thinking?" ha ha
But, my buddy RickBox and I are doing the background work for a cool boxy car website, so that is helping keep me focused. Here's a clean lookin' xB with 16x9 Miro wheels from
Miro wheeled xB