Sunday, October 4, 2009

Biddy, biddy Box, funky, funky!

So, its been 6 days since I decided to get a Scion xB for my next car. I'm proud of myself. I'mm still totally excited for March 2010. The response from my car buddies has been pretty, uh, well, sort of confused you could say. Responses, like, "What, those are the ugliest cars around, why would you want one of those?" To my pap saying, "I've failed as a parent, what are you thinking?" ha ha
But, my buddy RickBox and I are doing the background work for a cool boxy car website, so that is helping keep me focused. Here's a clean lookin' xB with 16x9 Miro wheels from
Miro wheeled xB


Jesse said...

I'm sorry, but I'm with your Pap on this one. The xB isn't a win in any category, and carries social connotations that make me question your sanity and awareness. I hope you at least got a good deal on it.

Chris said...

Jesse, I appreciate the honest comment. I guess the social connotation I get from it is a cool dad of 4 boys who wants to drive something different. :) It wins in my important categories: mpg, affordable style, different, big aftermarket. Haven't bought one yet. March 2010!