Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Rat Rod made it on!!!

My Gingerbread Rat Rod made it on MotorMavens! I'm so stoked! The rat was a lot of fun to build. I'm happy that Antonio at thought it was cool enough to post on his awesome site! I'm hoping someday I can get a real car of mine on We'll see. 2010 could be the year.
p.s. Check out the "CD.Hecht" signature now gracing my photos! Thanks babe for doing that!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Found this on today. It's a T bucket roadster called the "Frankn T" by the owner "Mr. Freeze" from Arizona. It's a custom built frame and will run a 3 cylinder GEO Metro engine. Now, poppi's '90 Geo could get 56 mpg on pure highway driving. Can you imagine this little bucket, which weighs probably 1000 lbs or less...and that 3 cylinder probably makes like 85 hp, which would make this hot rod a spry little fella. I need to build one of these, it looks like so much fun!

Motor: Geo metro 3cyl
Suzuki Samuri 5 speed
Rear: RX7- 4:11 posi w/ disc brakes
front axle: Ford W 5 in drop

Chassis:1x2 box space frame