Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hechspeed Rides

So, it's been too long since we've updated the blog.  We had a family get together in Utah and I snapped a picture of Brent's 2004 WRX Wagon, Ben's 2010 Forester and Nick's e90 335i.
Just a quick update with Brent's cars, he finally sold off his 1994 Fobra Mustang and took a parting good-bye photo next to it.  It was a really cool machine.  It was a V6 base car with roll up windows originally.  A previous owner swapped in a 5.0 pushrod motor and then Brent took it over from there doing a bunch of suspension upgrades, bolt on motor stuff, removing some weight and adding some 18x10 wheels and 255/275 tires.  It was a killer touge machine for sure.  It will be missed.
Of course, Brent wasn't going to let the funds from the Stang go untouched and promptly bought a 16GXT turbo, big top mount intercooler from Mishimoto, STi pink injectors and the off the shelf tune from Cobb into his AccessPort.  He recently picked up some STi fog light covers and Grimmspeed WRB Blue paint.  Looks great.  Next up are the side skirts to get some WRB love as well.
Some early morning before work action...
The Rotas were recently revised with some World Rally Gold paint as well. he he

Overfender All The Things!!!

Noticed I hadn't posted in here in awhile.  Here's some sweet rides from my usual car websites that I frequent everyday.  StanceNation, Stanceworks, and Stickydiljoe.  Basically, #overfenderallthethings!  Over fenders and wide wheels/tires make any car better.  Whether its American muscle, Italian sports coupe or German sedan, its all good!