Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jackie Chan Jr

Well, I sold the Mustang and bought this 1998 Honda Civic LX 4 door sedan with 95k miles. It is "Inza Red" (aka grandma red), has '84-'87 Honda CRX wheels with too wide 195/60/14 tires. :) It did come with a K/N filter that I already cleaned and a cheapo muffler welded to the stock piping. It is a 5 speed with grey interior. The dealers definition of "Detailed" was weak. I spent some time cleaning up the engine bay, black trim and such. I have already modded it of course. I removed the grandma red dash cover and the stock intake box. You can see I hacked the stock intake tube as well. That will have to do until I can get a real ebay intake. :) ha ha. Just needs some lowering springs and maybe some wheels and she'll clean up pretty nicely. Enjoy! I'm hoping to get over 40 mpg. This is a non-vtec 1.6L motor. "Groceries, here I come!"

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