Monday, August 27, 2007

Benrod and Nickrod

Here's Benrod I believe in his earliest Hechtrod, doing some practice laps, testing out that 1 dp (daddy power). :) Good times.
Here's the nice '65 ("The mustang was actually a ‘65, with the honeycomb grill, way cooler than the rectangular grill of the ‘66 in my opinion.") Mustang and Benrod and Nickrod proudly standing next to their steed. I got a ride in this bad boy once. It was pretty quick. Why'd you let this one go? Oh yeah, it had an auto trans. :) j/k

Here's a pic of the Dodge Daytona IROC, a little 2.5LTurbo charged 4 cyl and FWD. I rode in it once, it was decent. Gotta love turbos.

Here's a pic of Benrods '96 LT1 powered Slo...Camaro! :) This baby pumped out about 330whp I believe on a chassis dyno. It's got the bolt ons, plus some head work and a cam. No ET's yet.

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