Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PoppiRod H.O. (Hechtrod Original)

All,Here's some commentary about dad's Comet. This is some cool stuff. Since I don't have a hot rod to build/drive, I get to live through others. :) Someday I guess...I'd really like to build a car with my boys. It would help them develop engineering type skills and make fond memories with their dad.
"Hey i think my lic # was GNV 870.....or 860,yopu could try a serch.the motor is in a diff car and the guys dad had put a six in it hopfully it did nt go to the bone as it was a cyclone...and the 9" was still in it.i have the center console still in the barn.""no mine was a cyclone ,it had 11.5 JE pistons.1.94 chevy intake and 1.60 exhust cut down to @ 1.55 and it was hand ported with our old craftmen (sears) hobbie grinders that rick and i got for christmas when we were kids. i think i burned them up doing the porting .custom ground cam with .480 lift and i think 284 duration ...but it had wild timing and with those heads i blew the flywheel off the motor at over 8,000...it might have went to 9,000 rpm...i only had a 8,000 tach and the needle was bouncing off the peg! awsome little motor.the 302 was built with the same pistons ,diff. rods,crank,boss 302counter weight.(it was a add on bob weight that went behind the timing gear ) and block.with the same cam it turned into a torque monster,i could turn those "penny's 8"x26" slicks 1st,2nd,3rd gear it would finaly hook up ...now that was a scary motor ..but it only reved to 7,000 but had way more torque.never got a chance to run that at the drags....they had closed the "dale" by then.what was the K code was that the solid lifter hipo 289? mine had a 195 horse 289 i think.4bbl carb ,top loader 4 speed,8" 3.25 stock gears and they came with faux chrome reverse hub caps. i did have a 57 ford wagon 9" w/4.57 ford factory gears very quite ,i set them up myself at school when i went to citrus college.the pic of the motor was when i had 3x 2bbl carb on it ....that was cool great gas mileage ....untill you step on it .the linkage was very hard to press for the 2 outside carbs but man a little bog if the r's were'nt up but then it pull your neck off. i taded a guy for them they were all pluged up had to rebuild them .came off a 289 thunder bolt fairlane with a fiber glass bubble hood ....great times those were the days i was famous for small block fords,there was a guy in covina that had a faster comet but he couldn't drive it on the street.we traded slicks he needed less gear and i needed more we swaped, ran the cars through the lites and both went faster and quicker so we shook hands and that was that.he later had his power st. link break and hit the rail at the "dale "put all his parts into a falcon ...he's the guy that hooked me up with a trans shop that did my c-4.it would'nt shift above 7,500 so i took the guy for a ride and he said he had no idea i had that much motor ..we ordered the 2nd gear sevro piston from a hertz 350 shelby gt and that fixed the problem....shifted at 8,000 -8,200 i have that on tape some where.put the recorder on the seat and made a few passes at the track...guess i better look for that.papout"

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