Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe pics and comments

So I'm posting this car because it rocks!!! This is the first rear wheel drive 4 cylinder 5 seat coupe to be sold in the USA since the Nissan 240SX, which was last sold in 1998. So that's 12 years missing the best platform for auto enthusiasts, FR 4 cylinder (FR=front engine rear drive). This is the first rear wheel drive Turbo 4 cylinder to be sold in the USA since the Dodge Conquest/Mitsubishi Starion last sold in like 1988 or so. I'm pretty sure that is the last one.

Anyway, this car should be a hit in the thriving aftermarket who has eaten up the Subaru WRX and Lancer Evolution and who has brought old japanese cars back to life like the 1989-98 Nissan 240SX and 1984-87 Toyota Corolla GT-S. Surfing/browsing the many internet forums dedicated to these cars and the enthusiast owners who spend thousands of dollars to resurrect and swap japanese turbo engines into these old cars because there are no new cars on the market that match the needs and wants of these drifting/time attacking nuts. So, if Hyundai can keep the base GS Turbo 4 Genesis around or below $20k and the upgraded SE under about $24k, they'll have a hit. Make the sunroof optional too, not part of the SE package.
I'll see if I can convince my wife that this will be my first brand new car. ;) In the mean time, I look forward to more details such as curb weight, pricing, wheel/tire sizes and what the aftermarket will hold. It will also be nice to get confirmation that the Turbo 4 engine is the Mitsubishi based 4B11T engine found in the upcoming Lancer Ralliart (240hp) and the recently released Lancer Evolution X with 291hp/300tq. The little info I have seen on of tuners playing with the Evo X's version of the 4B11T is with stock turbo, a tune, manual boost controller and exhaust and intercooler and piping upgrades, they're seeing 400hp. Can't wait!!

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