Friday, August 29, 2008

Salt Flyer final/current configuration

So, I have been frequenting a lot since buying this bike earlier in the month. What a cool site and people with amazing bikes and craftsmanship.
I removed the light tank tonight. The other day I removed the rear luggage rack. It's much lighter and faster without those parts weighing it down. I wish the bike was like 6 inches longer with the pedals moved forward about the same, these bikes were made for teenagers when they came out back in the day. Not 6'4" 30 year olds. ;) ha ha
I've entered it in the RatRodBikesBuildOff #3. Check out this list of finalist, very cool bikes.
Here's the pics of how I entered it! Good times on this thing!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

1950 Ford F-1 rat truck model in progress

OK, so I am about done painting the piece parts and have started fitting things together. I hosed up the headers, they're on the wrong side, but forget about it. I've got some lowering mods up my sleeve. We'll see how it turns out. Then I need to work on the HechtRods logo for the doors and then put together the belly tanker model. Should be cool!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hechtrods Speed Shop logo belly tanker

Here's another Hechtrods logo prototype

D&C Speed Shop logo #1

So, my buddy Dallas and I are going to start up a Speed Shop, D&C Speed Shop. Here's our logo. ;)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Speed Week on the Salt

I drove out to Bonneville Speedway to watch a day of Land Speed Racing on the Salt Flats during Speed Week. I had a great time taking pictures of my cruiser bike and all the hot rods. It's one of the coolest places to be if you're a car nut like me. I was in heaven. This is my second year. I think I'm hooked and will go every year for at least one day. Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Modding Salt Flyer

So, I'm taking the Salt Flyer to the "No Show" on Saturday and I couldn't very well show it stock, right?! I saw another guy on flip his spring fork. I gave it a shot and it turned out great and was really easy to do. Pretty sweet! You can see the difference. The front wheel sits out further with the new flipped fork. Coool!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Salt Flyer

So, I think I'm naming my new/old hot rod bike the "Salt Flyer". I need to start thinking about how I want this bike to look. Sky's the limit. ;) Here's some more pics I took yesterday. Enjoy!
Oh, and it doesn't fit in my trunk, so looking at plan B to get it to the Salt Flats for Speed Week when I go next week. Hmmm...

Rat Rod Bikes dot com

So, I found this sweet forum of rat rodders who have some sweet vintage and custom bicycles. These are some of my favorite bikes I've seen so far that are giving me inspiration for my own bike. Check 'em out!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vintage Bicycle = my hot rod

So, I picked up this vintage bicycle off of classifieds. It was going for $100, I got it for $80. I love it! It's like an old hot rod. I think I'll cruise it around in its un-restored "rat bike" stage for awhile, and maybe during the winter I'll bring it back to life. I love the white walls, the early front suspension fork and luggage rack. Killer! You'll see some pics of this badboy on the salt in 2 weeks when I make the trip out to the Salt Flats for Speed Week. Heck yes!

Here are my first pics so far.