Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vintage Bicycle = my hot rod

So, I picked up this vintage bicycle off of classifieds. It was going for $100, I got it for $80. I love it! It's like an old hot rod. I think I'll cruise it around in its un-restored "rat bike" stage for awhile, and maybe during the winter I'll bring it back to life. I love the white walls, the early front suspension fork and luggage rack. Killer! You'll see some pics of this badboy on the salt in 2 weeks when I make the trip out to the Salt Flats for Speed Week. Heck yes!

Here are my first pics so far.

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Amy said...

That thing is saweet! Nice pick up! I need to fix my bike so I can ride again. I have a sweet red beach cruiser. My pedal is broke, my tires are flat, and the tires scrape the bumpers. Bummer!