Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cruiser bike #2, good bye Fuji road bike

So, I found a guy in SL to trade me his lowrider/cruiser bike for my road bike I bought last summer. So, now I've got two. This new one has some things that will be changed since I'm not a lowrider type (like the purple seat cover). Don't worry, it did not come with that purple lowrider hankerchief. The purple fabric will go and in place maybe a yellow vinyl or something because I want to go with an "In-N-Out" Cruiser hot rod bike theme. :)
This bike has a nice paint job, working headlight and tailights, sweet big monkey bars. It rides really smooth compared to my other crusty cruiser. Enjoy this pic. I haven't taken any yet. I'm still recovering from my nose surgery. It was a "no show, all go" nose job! :) I had some internal port and polish work for more breathing performance. :) ha ha

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Amy said...

Saweet ride man! Low-ri-der! No shocks and pegs though, but still "Lucky". Hope you are recovering from the surgery well! lOve ya!