Sunday, November 2, 2008

Civic duty

So, the longer I am into cars while at the same time, taking care of life's priorities, which do not include $5000 turbo kits, $2000 wheels/tires, etc., the more the Honda Civic is the perfect car for me. In my early days of being into japanese cars, it was all about going full bore, you know, dyno tuning, port and polish work, custom final drive ratios, fully adjustable suspensions, replacing all worn out oem bushings with polyurethane bushings, blah blah blah. :) That's the obsessed, engineering-head Hecht coming out. The more subdued daddy Hecht realizes the large amounts of casheesh required and so simply focuses on having a unique, modified only slightly car while still getting great gas mileage and passing smog with my eyes closed. LOL Hence, instead of the big power WRX or EVO, a 125hp Honda Civic with some wheels/tires, a catback exhaust, intake and filter and mild suspension mods to lower the car and make it more "fun" to drive is where its at. So, in that light, enjoy some of these "H" rides. Honda rods for the win!

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