Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Porsche, nuff said

So, these cars, or Porsche's (they're not just "cars") are from a Japanese tuning company called "Rauh Welt". Sickness!!! These are track tuned Porsche's that are street legal. From what I've read on (in september it was their Porsche Month), these RWB Porsches are typically naturally aspirated 3.8L flat 6 sixes, but have serious suspension and chassis tuning. Enjoy! These cars are sick. Wait I already said that. ;}
The black one is a 1985 930 and is the shop owners personal car. The black one with bronze wheels. Sick! It weights 2100 lbs. That's an 800lbs weight loss program. Pumping 360hp with a 8500rpm redline. It's running a 915 5 speed. Wheels? Try 18x11 in front, 18x12 in rear.

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