Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gittin Jr's new 2010 Drift Mustang

I love the new bodystyle and these white Volk TE37 wheels. Sick! It has perfect stance too. Apparently this is his practice car with "only" 550hp and harder tires for drifting demo's at the recent Barrett Jackson Auction.

Friday, January 23, 2009

1950 Ford F-1 Hot Rod Truck model

So, this plastic model was inspired by the sweet rides I saw this summer at Speed Week on the Salt. It's got a lowered stance, stock steelies with white walls, red interior and killer black paint. I took these pics with the fam's new D90 D-SLR. Thanks hon for helping me set this thing up.

Green and white make SICK!

Man, this car has it all going on. Apparently its JTP's new finished street/drift car. The guy is a Formula D driver. The wheels according to Speedhunters are 17x10 and 18x10.5, 235 and 255 tires respectively. Wide fenders, huge GT Wing, tons of suspension mods for adjustability and ride height and all the supporting power mods. The candy green is perfect with those white TE37 volks. This car is amazing and is exactly how an RX-7 should be built. Noice!

I.S. is 300

I dig this Lexus IS300 with various wheels. It is simple and sweet! A used IS300 with the 5 speed would be a nice find. They were mostly auto trans though. Bummer!
Some skilled photo skills too. Inspiration fo sho!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

RX7 FC3S inspiration for my new model kit

So, here's some nice examples of FC3S chassis RX-7's, sold from like 88-92 or so. I bought a 1/24 model and began working on it last night. These were some cool examples to get ideas.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rotary X 7

So, lately, one of the cars that I'm liking a lot is the Mazda RX-7. Here's a bunch of pics of the FD3S chassis (sold in US 93-95, Japan 93-02 or so). Thanks once again Speedhunters for the sweet feature cars.
The RX-7 is a do it all car, time attack, drift, drag, show, street aggressive, it does it all.