Tuesday, January 6, 2009

RSX Type S goodness

So, the discontinued Acura RSX (aka Integra in Jap town) Type-S is a great car. The basics are a 2.0L K20A 4 cylinder with dohc and I-vtec which pumps out about 200-210hp naturally aspirated (depending on model year). It has a 6 speed manual, sharp hatchback/coupe styling, often with a leather interior. It weighs about 2750lbs and is wron...front wheel drive. It was sold as '02-07 models and then discontinued with only the TSX (larger 4 door sedan) as a comparable sporty sedan from Acura.
In Japan, it is one of the premier FF layout (front engine, front drive) chassis' to be used in road racing and time attack battle. It has been recently trumped by the new Civic Type R (sedan) which uses the same basic engine/trans setup with another 10hp or so and 2 more doors.
So, here are some pics of some very nice RSX's found on the net (mostly from clubrsx). To me, this is one of the top possible daily drivers because you can pick them up for around $9k-$12k, they get low 30's mpg, have reliable Honda-ability, great handling, small/light-ish chassis with plenty of upgrades to suspension, exterior, engine and wheels/tires.
These particular pics are from the "agreesive wheels" thread. If I picked up a DC5 (chassis code), it would be styled after these. Enjoy!

Also, of note is the fact that a twin charged RSX holds a few records on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Sweet! It went 220+mph! ;P

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