Thursday, February 26, 2009

1974 Toyota Corona 2 door coupe for sale in Ute

So, this '74 Corona is going for $1000 up in Ogden. It's been in one family since new. It looks to be in great shape. The bummer is its an auto trans (3speed). It has an 18RC (2.0L 4 cylinder) which is pretty trusty. I did some searching on google images for corona's and almost all i saw were 4 doors or a 2 door hard top without the door post and a more "fastback" shape rear area. I confirmed that by the looks of the front end, its definitely a '74. Anyway, a cool find for someone looking for a vintage Toyota.

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HP said...

So my brother is googling 1974 Toyota Coronas today and finds our family car here on this site! Just to set the record straight, this car is no longer for sale. We're restoring it for my son to drive when he turns 16!