Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, is having Toyota Month for February. They posted a sweet pic of a lineup of Scion xB's, you know the one, it looks like a lunchbox. It's that funky square thing on wheels. Done up right, the car is a killer cruiser. Sure, it won't run 12's (probably runs 17's) and has the worst aero ever. But setup with perfect flushness and rear camber, it looks baller yo! ;) Anyway, I had to go test drive one. I found a nice grey '06 example with a 5 speed. It was killer clean with only 36k miles on it. Anyway, it has a straight up seating position, the steering wheel is a little low and it has a great view because its all windows. Tons of head run, shoulder room, everything room. Nice hatch space. The car, wagon, microvan, whatever you call it reminds me of none other than an early vw bus, like from 1950's to 1967. It's a modern, square'd off vw bus. Oh snap! I love the thing. I totally want one. Here's some killer examples from bbsquad. Enjoy!

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rick said...

Buy it!!! You won't be disappointed! :)