Friday, February 13, 2009

Test drivin' a 1980 Toyota Celica GT-shweet

So, found a 1980 Toyota Celica GT 5 speed for sale on for $3k. It said it had a new clutch, new alternator, fuel pump, 1 year old paint job and momo steering wheel. I emailed the guy. I figured, hey, I love me some rear wheel drive 4 cylinder "vintage" japanese car goodness. Let's go see what these cars are all about. So, I took it for a spin. I gotta say, its pretty slow, but they are supposed to get 34mpg on the highway. They weigh about 2550lbs, have a 2.2L sohc 4 cylinder making 96hp and 122tq. It has a live rear axle, rear drums, front discs. The body is in great shape. It has a newish paint job. It has a Harley Davidson muffler (ha ha) and centerline wheels with 195/70/14 tires. Oh, it has a sunroof and those rear window louvers that were ever so popular. I think this car has potential. The front suspension was soft. What? It's 29 years old man! ;) If it had a proper drop and some nice 15 or 16x8 and 9 inch wheels with some semi stretched tires and clean up the interior, it would be killer. I bet the guy would take $1500-$2000. He just got a ticket because it has been parked at the end of his street. He's really willing to sell...
Check those pics.

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