Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful 1st gen Corolla

So, I'm posting a lot tonight. I've had these pics sitting on my computer. This orange crush corolla is perfect. It even sports the Trueno Sprinter 2T-G dohc 1.6L engine that made about 120hp stock (give or take, can't remember the specs). It was the basis for TRD's race engine. This orange example has teh stance down right, the great wheels, perfect resto all around. This thing must be a blast to drive.


Van Strapp said...

Beautiful for sure, but it's not a first-gen.

The first gen dates back to 1966, and the best known of the earlier Corollas in the tuner scene is the E20 (1970+) series - which spawned the much adored TE27 Levin.

The one above is a TE37 or TE51/55. I can never tell, but the guys at will know for certain.

Either way, yeah, it's gorgeous.

Chris said...

Van Strapp, thanks for the comment and correction. Still learnin' about these early Jap cars. I forgot there was one gen before it. I'm registered on japanesenostalgiccar forums and magazine. Should be getting issue #3 soon I hope.