Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mini owners love it

So, here were a few comments I found on a mini forum. These people love these cars. I have heard the same from my coworker/friend/car nut buddy who owned an '04 MCS (Mini speak for Mini Cooper S) for 4 years. He said it put a grin on his face everytime he drove it. Sounds like a cool car!

I agree! I have an older '02 MCS dinan S2 and it never fails to put a smile on my face every time I get behind the wheel. There may be faster cars out there but not more fun to drive cars than the MINI...

Yep. We traded in my MINI on 3/3 and regretted it so much that we're buying another, less than 2 weeks later. Can you say obsessed? I never thought I'd feel this way about a car otherwise I'd have never sold it.

We won't be able to dine out often like we usually do, but I'll be a MINI driver again!

Yep, coming up on three years of MINI ownership and I'm still a crazed MINIac. Still doing mods, too... completed another minor just yesterday and have a major scheduled for MOTD.

Still hoping MINI does a style change before I'm ready for my next new MINI but even if they don't, my next car will be another MINI.

I still L O V E these little cars.

5 years in May... and I still go out to the garage just to stare at him! I can't believe it

I've owned 2 and possibly on to my 3rd soon. I've driven MANY other cars as well but no car ever makes me feel the same way this one does. Something about them just makes you feel special

2 years old next month and loving it more with every mile. By far the most attached I have ever been to a car. There isn't anything else like it oozes character inside and out even sounds cool.

Pic is from miniutah forum.

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