Friday, August 14, 2009

Long Course and off into the White Stuff


So, probably the most memorable moment for me at Bonneville's Speedweek 2009 was the pass I made with good friend Pikesan down the Long Course in his '27 T bucket. Yes, I got to go down the track, the actual racecourse in an 81 year old hot rod. :) How cool is that!? Rad, that's how cool! This year the Long Course was 8 miles long. Wow! It took longer than I thought. After the drivers meeting, the rookies and crew and press can take any car down the tracks and do what they call an "Inspection Pass" to see the surface of the track and get a feel for it.

After the pass, we pulled off the track after the 8 mile marker and pulled into fresh virgin salt. This white stuff is much stickier and wet compared to the prepped/packed down track salt. It makes for amazing pictures to say the least and a lot of salt getting tossed up in the air.

These two cars were from Nebraska. They drove out together in there hot rods. How rad is that!? These pics turned out great eh? Thanks for the pshop TRod.



Anonymous said...

Awesome photo - Thank you! It was great to meet you guys out there. (that's my Galaxie)
Nick Hoesing

hechtspeed said...

Right on Nick! Your car was in my top 5 coolest Rides at Speedweek 2009. The fact that you drove it from Nebraska is so rad!

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with your comment about that being one of your high points of the trip. I kept saying " I cant believe that wwe are driving on THE race course." I have to agree, that galaxie is Rad!