Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wheels & Wings: Hill AFB Museum Car Show

Pretty cool concept for a HechtSpeed'er, right? Warbirds/Jet Fighters and Hot Rods! What else does a Hecht need? :) This Wheels & Wings is put on by The Hill Air Force Base Museum every year. Here are some of my favorite pics!

This shot was taken on our way out. A military land vehicle with a line-up of Hot Rods and Custom cars next to the Hill AFB Museum sign. Cool!
Wheels & Wings

I was hoping there'd be more 'birds out with the Hot Rods. They didn't bring any outside from the museum. They had a business jet and this DC-3. It looks awesome next to this '32 roadster. Looks like it could be a pic taken in '45 eh?
Wheels & Wings

Here's another cool shot of the DC-3 with a custom coupe. Don't know much about this car? What is it? I see an Indian head there, so it must be a '30's Pontiac.
Wheels & Wings 2009

Another shot of that '32 and DC-3. It was just such a cool photo op.
Wheels & Wings 2009

OK, you guys know I've been into Model A and 32-34 Roadsters and Coupes. This Black Beauty Roadster with white walls was probably my favorite ride at the show. This thing has a traditional hot rod look that is just timeless. This car will look Boss in another 77 years. Beautiful!
Wheels & Wings

The Mormon Meteor showed up and was parked in the Fighter Gallery hangar. This thing is big! Love the orange and blue paint scheme too!
Mormon Meteor at Wheels & Wings

Here's THE hot rod of the wild blue yonder! F-104 Star Fighter. Love it in this faded bare metal look! It was missing engine, wings and stab, but hopefully the Museum will resto this thing. Maybe a resto-mod? Slap in a "big block" motor from an F15 or something! ha ha
F-104 Hot Rod in the Sky

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