Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slab Siders

flush xBSo, I believe (hold your breath) I have chosen my next (and hopefully last car for a long long time) car. Scion xB, the first generation model sold from 2004-2006. You know the one...my kids and I call it the "lunchbox" car. I feel like I'm cheating on all those other awesome cars out there, some that have been "car of the week" or even some who made it past the 7 day barrier, cars like the Subaru WRX, Mitsubishi EVO, Ford Mustang, BMW M3/3series, Mini Cooper S, many an old hot rod and the old faithful of sorts, the Honda Civic. Why the xB? Well, I'm a father of 4 now, yes, 4 kids. I commute 50 miles per day roundtrip, so mpg, reliability and affordability are top priorities, not boost pressure, hp/tq ratings or big meats. The other things the "B" has, besides those slab sides is character, style, and cool factor, oh and 4 doors, good head room and superb "style per gallon" rating... It turns heads, even in stock form. I've driven 2 and it puts a smile on my face, and those were stock versions. It reminds me of a 60's vw bus I road in years ago. Just RAD!!!
So, I know what you're thinking..."ya right Hecht, you can't commit to 1 car! This is just your car of the week again. Who you kiddin'?". Well, one of the other reasons is I have a good buddy in the neighborhood who is really into cars and he owns one. Having friends with cars helps you have focus and something in common. I'm looking toward you MooreRod to help a brotha stay focused on the Box. So, look out for http://www.slabsiders.com/ in the future. We just picked up that domain name today. It will be dedicated to boxy cars like the xB, Cube, Ford Flex, and others. We'll see where that goes. Hopefully it will be as rad as these quirky cool cars are.
So, D-Day is sometime in March 2010 where my situation will be such that I can pick up a sweet used 1st Gen xB of my own to modify and enjoy! Until then, it will be "wheels of the week", "modification of the week", "color of the week" and so on. Don't worry, this shouldn't cramp my car style. I'll still post cool cars I dig and car shows and events I attend. Like next week, planning another Bonneville Salt Flats day trip. World of Speed is next week!
For now, enjoy these sweet "Slab Siders" and see you on the Salt!

Orange xB lookin' sick!
xB on wide steelies


rick said...

ver. Welcome to the club, my man. You won't regret...I haven't! :^)

Andy's Pinstriping said...

Box's are wayyy kool buddy! It would be sweet to get a Scion and then flat black it with black wheels...maybe some ole Skool stripes? ;)NICE RIDE!!!