Saturday, November 21, 2009

Volk Bros' Racing 1929 Street Roadster Project

Here's some pics I took on Thursday at Larry Volk's garage. It's a '55 Hemi with later model hemi heads (instead of the stock Poly heads) and an Hillborn Injection system mocked up, Halibrand Quick Change and Brookville steel body. Will run on wire wheels and dirt tracks. This is just a teaser, full story coming to next week.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Poppi on the Salt Flats

Saw this pic on the Hecht family site and wanted to post it up again. Poppi at his first Salt Flats Land Speed Racing event. This was back in 2007 at World of Speed. Such a cool pic! He's watching a racecar making its way down the long track. Salt Fever! What do you say Hechtspeed boys? Let's make it the 1st Annual Hechtspeed Hot Rod Reunion! Speedweek 2010! We'll hit the Nugget Car Show, campout at the Bend in the Road for a night! It will be EPIC!!! Maybe Rickrod and Poppirod can make it into the 130 or 150 Club (on the Special course, for street cars, no roll cages needed, etc.). RSVP ASAP!
Poppi at Salt Flats 2007

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I want this car...Now! It's for sale for $14k in Fontana, California. It is a totally rebuilt/restored 1983 Toyota Corolla. Here's the spec sheet from the classified ad.

"Testing the waters, for Sale 1983 AE71 Corolla
Black top 20 Valve
Brand New A/C (Ice Cold) converted to R134 and Heater working
RaceToys Velocity Stacks
Brand new water pump
Brand new oil pump
Brand new alternator
TODA Cams, TODA adjustable Cam Gears
TODA Flywheel
Mishimoto Alum Radiator with twin Aux Fan
ACT Stage 3 Clutch
GTS Front/Rear Slotted Disc Brakes
T50 Tranny
GTS LSD Rear End
600 cc coil plugs
EMS Stinger
NGK Iriduim spark plugs
Megan Racing Adj Coilovers F/R
Greddy Oil Cooler
Fully restored interior (Converted to black)
Brand new JDM Chrome Bumpers
JDM Fender Mirrors
Flared Fenders
Custom Lip rear spoiler
Brand new windshield, Brand new weatherstrips all over, Brand new tail lights
Poineer CD with Satt. Radio
ATS Classic Wheels 13X8 wrapped on 185x60x13
Freshly painted by PJ Bonifacio (body color including Engine Bay, Door Jambs and Wheel well)Engine built by RaceToys of Diamond Bar CA
This engine setup is probaby running about 170-200hp is my guesstimate. The car probably weighs about 2200-2400lbs. That is a super fun power:weight ratio right there! Car is totally worth it. It's built by none other than PJ Bonifacio master of Japanese classic restomods. You can't get a brand new car with 1/2 the fun factor or style as this.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Car of the Week: J-Tin again

So, what car is it this week? Well, first of all, its never just one. After dropping in on Solid Autoworks with Deano my WRX owning work buddy, I picked up a biz card. This is a new shop in North Salt Lake who can import Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) cars. The owner is Trey Cobb, founder of Cobb Tuning. So, I've been on a vintage Japanese car kick, you know, Skyline GT-R, Datsun 510, Toyota Corollas...Here's some cool classic 1970's - 80's Japanese "hot rods".
These pics are a mix from, and the recent HellaFlush III meet in SF.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Check this photoshop out. Its the new Toyota FT86 concept. It will be rear wheel drive, 6 speed manual and a flat 4 cylinder Subaru engine making about 180-200 hp. Should sell in the mid $20k.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ahhh, I jus keeding! Subyrod for 2010

Ha ha LOL! I guess the xB didn't last until springs 2010. Sorry Rick M! :( I guess I need to stick with old faithful, the Subaru WRX, a poor man's Evo of sorts. ha ha I'm definitely gonna rock some 17x9's or 18x9.5's from Rota. Hard to pass up the price. I'm loving white wheels too. I've always wanted a set. So, I'm thinking Silver on White or White on White....or Black on White? What do you guys think?