Thursday, November 19, 2009

Poppi on the Salt Flats

Saw this pic on the Hecht family site and wanted to post it up again. Poppi at his first Salt Flats Land Speed Racing event. This was back in 2007 at World of Speed. Such a cool pic! He's watching a racecar making its way down the long track. Salt Fever! What do you say Hechtspeed boys? Let's make it the 1st Annual Hechtspeed Hot Rod Reunion! Speedweek 2010! We'll hit the Nugget Car Show, campout at the Bend in the Road for a night! It will be EPIC!!! Maybe Rickrod and Poppirod can make it into the 130 or 150 Club (on the Special course, for street cars, no roll cages needed, etc.). RSVP ASAP!
Poppi at Salt Flats 2007

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