Monday, August 27, 2007

BrentRod pics

These are some pics of BrentRods nice rides. These are some of the coolest rides in Hechtrod History. We have here the 2003 Ford Focus ZX3 that ran 14.9's on drag radials at Bakersfield's Famoso Dragstrip. That's not even what the Focus did best, it was an amazing car in the twisties. The 1987 Mustang LX Coupe with a Turbocoupe 2.3L Turbo motor that dyno'd at 277whp and ran mid 14's with much tire spin. BrentRod did a lot of work to this car, he rebuilt the motor, fabbed the custom intercooler piping to make a Front mounted intercooler, bought a T3/T4 turbo and was running 20 psi or so (can't remember exact specs). This car was sweet. Not to mention all the suspension and brake work. This was a nice handling machine. Too bad he sold it for pennies. Then there are pics of the late '95 Mustang GT, same color as Poppi's '94 stang. Brent's stang had a custom fabbed cold air intake, Poppi's ported stock intake manifold, my stangs old 18x9 faubra wheels with 4 lug nuts each. Ask Brent about those later! :) Still need pics of Brent's Turbocoupe Thunderbird he wrecked and the '68 Merc' Cougar. Sweet rides.

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