Monday, August 27, 2007

What Family History is all about!

Here's a string of emails that are very cool! I learned Jess Davis' grandpa baptized my uncle OD and grandpa Nash. Cars, family and friends, its what family history is all about! Send those pics when you got 'em Dennis!


I sent your blog to my dad and this is what he wrote. I didn't know that my grandfather baptized your grandfather. Cool huh. I didn't know our family's went that far back. Jess
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From: Dennis Davis
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Subject: RE: One of the original Hechtrods

These are great. My dad baptized O.D. and Suzie's dad in Alhambra. That would be Chris' Grandpa Nash.

I also have some pictures of when that girl ran into the Hecht's garage - Black & White Negatives, anyway. I don't know if I ever actually made the pictures.

I should look for some pictures of all you kids when you were growing up. Chris would love them.


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