Saturday, August 18, 2007

Park City Mustang and Ford Car Show

Well, I took the family up to Park City to check out the Mustang and Ford Car Show they do every year. It's on Main Street in Park City, a very quaint little downtown, perfect setting for a car show. The bummer was it rained almost all the way up there. After about 5 minutes of walking around, it stopped. There were probably 100 cars, not sure. There were 2 Cobras who ventured through the rain. All generations of Mustangs were represented. Especially a lot of 2005 and newer stangs which is cool to see. There was one Ford GT (GT40), a few trucks. There was one Mercury Cougar and one Falcon. I was looking for a Comet like my dad used to own but no such luck. Well, the boys enjoyed it and I think Christy did too. It was Josh's first car show and he seemed excited. Enjoy the pics!

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