Saturday, June 28, 2008

GT Live part 1: The track

So, I took tons of pics at GT Live today. Man, I wish I had a nicer camera. So, I'm going to post in various parts, to segregate the different cars. To give a quick rundown on the action at the Miller Motorsports Park today, they had 2 track configurations. The East track and the West. The East had the Redline Time Attack runs, Drifting practice, the Mazda Drift Experience and GT Sim Live, the last two are where the spectators get to go for a ride with the pros. The West track had the track day or Tarzan's Lapping Sessions for beginners and experienced drivers. There was also the Go-karts in full swing out behind the main grandstands. For the stationary types there was a car show if you will; the Subies and Evo's near the Cobb booth and the Nissan, Toyota and Mazda lovers showing off their metal in separate mini car show areas on the paddock. There was a lot to see and I saw it all. It was a lot of su...I mean fun. Fun in the Sun! So, Part 1 is to show off pics of the track, which won International Motorsports Facility of the Year in 2006, its first season. It's state-of-the-art in every aspect, both racer and s'tator alike love it. I particularly like the "grassy knoll", its close to the action. The few drivers I spoke to (more in later Parts) love the track. Utah is lucky to have such a cool facility in our backyard. There are plans that L.Miller is drawing up to bring manufacturer's out to the track and have them setup testing facilities, a la Nurburgring, to do vehicle testing. That would be awesome! There is a business/industrial area planned right next to the track. Maybe a future job for this car lover is in store, we'll see. LOL :)

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