Saturday, June 28, 2008

GT Live Part 4: Time Attack Honda Civic by Tag Evanson

Tag Evanson from Arizona made the trip up to Utah for the GT Live Redline Time Attack event this weekend. I snapped some pics right after arriving this morning. Then, after watching some West Track action, I headed back to the paddock/pits area. I cruised back around and saw Tag working on his Civic's left front region. Apparently he had a leaky axle seal at the tranny. His wife and 2 daughters had gone into town to pick up a new seal at Willey Honda in Bountiful. So, while he was working on it, I was just watching. We started to chat a little. Yes, I did offer to help, but the man seemed to have things under control. We chatted for about 30 minutes almost. He is very down to earth and a super nice guy. He seemed like a totally normal dude, which he is. It's just that when a Time Attack newby/nut is talking to someone who has been on TV, in the mags, and on the internet, its just weird. He is known for having a very quick Civic hatchback, which is attributed to the car setup (now running a K series engine instead of the B series, which he said needed more upkeep and constant attention compared to the K) and obviously his driving. You can't have a fast car and it only be because of power. You have to be able to drive the thing and Tag is the man behind the wheel. He's a do-it-yourselfer type and is on a budget. I know his car has the typical Sponsor decals, but if you saw pics of his car taken 1 or 2 years ago, it was plain jane white. He has likely picked up those Sponsorships after he won his first event at Buttonwillow. His wife was way cool to. She thought I looked like someone they knew, but apparently he didn't think so. :) Oh well, I was so close. Good times and thanks Tag. Keep up the good work and remember, have fun. That's what its all about. Enjoy these pics of his Civic and him working on it.

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