Saturday, June 28, 2008

GT Live Part 3: Evo's Galore

Mitsubishi Evolution...nuff said, here's the pics. Ok, ok, a little commentary. I didn't see any new 2008 Evo X's running on the track, but AMS, Cobb and Harman Motive had their X's out and about for all (me) to gauk at. Evo 8's and 9's are a racer favorite and they were definitely repin' the Mitsu brand today. I would have to say, if I really had to choose between an Evo and an STi, I would have to choose Evo. I just like the boxier overall shape and boxy fender flares. It just matches my tastes better that's all. So, without further adeu, EVO's...transform, know what I mean.

OK, after reviewing my Evo pics again, they suck compared to the Sube pics I took today. Sorry Evo-san, my bad. I still love you. Me...want...Evo...X! Must pay off that minivan asap! ;)

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