Sunday, June 29, 2008

GT Live Part 6: Drift 'til Dark

There was a lot of drift action at GT Live. Here's some pics of the slideways type. Gotta love the clean 240SX's and Hachiroku's (86's, or Corolla GT-S from 84-87). This was the 4th drift event I've seen now: 2 GT Live events, a Midnight drift at Rocky Mountain Raceway and a Nissan Event in 2003 at California Speedway. I love the cars; they are low, big camber, stretched tires over wide wheels, ratty ziptied bodywork, and great fun to watch. When a drift is done up right, there's not much more exciting to watch than that. The skill and car control is awesome to witness. I think its a cool motorsport. It adds variety to the scene for sure.

I love the ITBs (Individual throttle bodies) and Ferrari valve cover on that green '86.

Check out the LS1 swap into the red 240sx. Whoa! I didn't see him running, but I'm sure its a blast to drive.

Check out the faceless front fenders, hood or bumper. I guess that's one way to preserve your bodywork. :)

I'd have to say my favorites were the green metallic paint '86 with ITB's and the red, very low and clean coupe 240sx (S13) with the chrome lipped wheels.
The Mazda Miata with composite 1 piece front end was one of two that were giving spectators rides in the Mazda Drift Experience. They had Cosworth built 2.3L 4 pots 'o' fury that were naturally aspirated (NA) and making about 250-300hp some where is my guess. They had big entry speed. Very cool! I just didn't want to wait in the lines. I would rather be watching every second.

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