Sunday, June 29, 2008

GT Live Part 7: TurboLab's Turbo NSX Time Attacker

This bright yellow NSX is one of the coolest Time Attack cars around in my opinion. It is a platform that is not used often in this arena. It's hard to chop up an expensive super car like this, but when done right, it makes for a fast and unique ride. This car has a cool story which you could probably find in a forum somewhere. The car is owned/driven by Joe Sim, who runs Turbo Laboratories (thanks for the free shirt last year, but what happened to the freebees this year, j/k) out of Orem, Utah.
The car ran out at the West Track last year in a black suit with green wheels and was the fastest in the Track Day of the ameteurs. For this year, the car was painted yellow and probably given some power upgrades. I think it was running around 450whp last year; this year it's gotta be in the 5xx whp range, I don't know for sure. Joe and the NSX started out running at Buttonwillow at the opening Redline Time Attack event of the 2008 year. Over the fall/winter, the car decided to make an exit off the trailer and was mangled. Instead of parting it out, it was totally rebuilt. Reminder, this car has an aluminum chassis/frame. Anyway, back to 2008. This car is fast. I need to look at the results and see how he did. The car, when he's driving around in the pits, sounds like a beast. It's popping and whizzing, and whining...its an animal. The car setup is very aggressive. It has wide fenders all around, likely made out of FG or CF. The large rear wing, front splitter, big brakes and wide Enkei NT-03 wheels and sticky rubba'. I have a short vid. It doesn't do it justice. Sorry Joe, I caught a gear grind in there too, but props to this guy. After he came back to the pits, I saw him and some TL buddies go off to run some Go-Karts. A true enthusiast for sure! Nice!

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