Monday, July 14, 2008

BenRod picks up a sweet Saab Aero

Here's the specs:

2004 Saab 9-3 Aero Laser Red

55k miles

Grey leahter

Auto trans with paddle shift

BenRod's comments on his new Swedish Jet inspired ride:

"The Aero is the full package. Ground effects, big brakes, big wheels, sport suspension (sportfor a luxury mid-sized sedan, not sport as in SVT cobra), wicked sweetinterior with leather buckets. Anyway, its a really cool car. Its thewhole package. Looks cool, 4-door, 4-banger, tons of features and creaturecomforts. Now the bad news, which I am so very bummed about. Its anautomatic. And not that this makes up for it, but it does have paddleshifters on the wheel.

It is a very refined car. Nothing like I have had before. The dodge turbowas a little more slam me in the seat turbo lag. Lag isn't too bad in thisthing. I think mostly due to the 9.5 compression ratio. It has some lowend torque so it doesn't feel so dead off the line. Plus its just a weeturbo, 12 pounder. Anyway, I dig it. Sure I wish it was a 6-speed, but thered color, and the cherry condition make up for it. Plus I got to behonest, its kinda nice being able to chill in stop and go traffic.

Check the pics man. Its a fun car. Mostly show. Probably a very high 15car, or low 16. But it gets 32 mpg cuz! Going 500 miles on a tank surebeats going 140."

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