Sunday, June 29, 2008

GT Live Part 8: Other randomness

Very cool Black Integra trackster, who was later sadly towed off the track. Doh!

An R32 (or was it an R33?) Skyline, not many of those around these parts.

Some interior shots of gutted cars. I love race seats. It is a big part of the driving experience and is probably one of the most unloved, unseen and yet crucial components to a race car. They don't get much love. They're like an unnecessary evil. They're not as "cool" as a big turbo, wide wheels, etc.

Poor BMW 135i, holding up the pack in the turns, but then its 300hp/tq kept the "train in the station" as it were. We were hoping it was the driver's first time at the track. Cool car nonetheless.

Also, here's a shot of Tarzan Yamada next to the Crawford STi talking strategy or car setup, or maybe what's for lunch, who knows!?

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