Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Coolest cars of 2008 Part 2: Feel's Civic Type R sedan FD2

Ok, I know its just a Honda Civic 4 door. But, once you check out the specs you'll see this car has somthin' somthin' for you sports car lovers. It just ran a time of 1:00.516 at the recent Revspeed Super Lap Battle at the famed Tsukuba track in Japan. For reference, here's some comparison times/cars. You'll see this Civic by Feel's is faster than all these cars for a fraction of the cost. I'm betting this civic gets 30mpg too. ;)
Nismo Skyline GT-R Z Tune 1:01.150
Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale 1:02.440
Lamborghini Gallardo 1:03.605
Honda NSX-R 1:03.920
McLaren F1 1:04.620
Porsche 997 Turbo 1:04.730
Murcielago 1:04.760
Z-Tune 1:05.100(diff day diff driver)
EVO IX RS 1:05.528
997 Carrera 4 1:05.980
Corvette Z06 1:06.020
Lancer Evo IX 1:06.060
NA1 NSX-R 1:06.198
Nismo GT-R S Tune 1:06.232 (340 bhp)
Ferrari F40 1:06.460
WRX STI SPEC-C 1:06.651( Current STI)
NA1 NSX-R 1:06.80
BMW M5 1:06.560
STI S204 1:06.800
BMW M6 1:07.434
350Z S Version 1:08.110
BMW M3 1:08.200

What I read on Speedhunters, this car is running about 300hp naturally aspirated. Stock, it makes 225hp from its 2.0L.

I also wanted to post up a link to a Jap video of the FD2 beating up on its cousin, the Honda S2000. Remember, this is a 4 door front wheel drive sedan with less power (225hp vs 242hp), more weight (1270kg vs 1250kg) and a smaller engine (2.0L vs 2.2L) than the S2000. This is stock vs stock too! The guys in the vid can't believe what happens either. ;) Love it!

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