Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AMS 1984 Porsche Wide Body 17x14" and 465whp on 93oct

So, this build by AMS is insane! Here's the quick spec sheet I found (as well as the pics) on of all places.

465whp @ 6300 and 413wtq @ 4000-5500
1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera

* 3.3 Twin Plug Race Motor
* Race heads with gt2 evo cams, springs and retainers, 4 angle valve job
* ARP hardware throughout
* DTA Fast Stand Alone
* RSR 935 Rebel Racing Coilovers
* RSR Rebel Racing Swaybars
* RSR 935 Rear Spring Plates
* RSR Wide Body
* Custom AMS 5252E Turbo Kit
* Custom AMS Intercooler
* Custom AMS Fuel system
* Custom AMS Ignition system
* Custom AMS Hydraulic Clutch Conversion
* Fuel Safe Bladder Racing Cell
* 4 Speed Short Bell Housing 917 Trans
* Hargett Precision Race Shifter
* Autopower Roll Bar
* Buddy Club Seats
* Takata Harness
* 17x14 rear 17x11 front ZE Forged Wheels

The car is not quite done on the exterior. It still has the rest of the wide body kit (sides I guess) and apparently a killer rear decklid (probably a big scoop in store for that Large and in Charge Top Mount Intercooler). I personally think the tires are a little too meaty. It makes the car sit up a little high. They're 335 wide. Maybe a 295 would fit it better, or look better. But with about 550hp and 2300 lbs, its going to need all the meat it can get under there.

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