Friday, March 20, 2009

Civic Si test drive

So, I checked out a 2007 silver Civic Si sedan at an Acura dealership. I really liked the car. I liked how the seating/driving position was very adjustable for my tall frame. The steering wheel was a little smaller, height adjustable and telescoping. I was able to have my legs stretched out more while still having the wheel closer to my chest. The car felt nice around town. The 2 times I revved it up to about 7000 rpms or so, when it hit 6000 rpms vtec, it was very noticable kick. The car felt very strong. I think it would be a great daily driver with good handling. Here's a quick pic. It had about 27k miles and they were asking about $18k. They also had a dark grey one with lame-o pinstriping.

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