Friday, March 20, 2009

Infiniti G35 Coupe test drive

So, here's a "stock pic" of a black 2006 Infinity G35 Coupe with a 6 speed manual trans. My buddy at work is looking into these cars because he really wants a rear wheel drive car with a back seat. This was at a Nissan dealership. It had a Jim Wolf intake, an ailing throw-out bearing and front tires that were gone (they made tons of noise at certain lower speeds. The car felt substantial, very solid. The v6 just made you want to get on it in lower gears and speeds. It had one of the best engine notes I've ever heard. For me personally, the car was a little too big and heavy. It handled things well, it took corners well. It's a little too high end for me though. I wish Nissan made the Z car with a back seat. Oh well, then it wouldn't be a Z. ;)

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