Monday, March 30, 2009

Further discussion on Cobra n M3 test drives

Some comments on my review of the Cobra and M3

Hi Dad,

That was a very informative read. That clunking in the rear when letting out the clutch (engaging) was exactly what my 1998 Mustang Cobra SVT did, at only 9k miles. Under warranty I had the transmission replaced and it was much better albeit not perfect. Then at 15k miles I had a striped lug nut in the front-end replaced. Not long after that a recall for the parking brake assembly which fixed the "hard to pull" issue with the parking brake. I believe not long after that some actuator in the engine went and it was $1,200 to repair. That was it, I sold it. When it sold it was in desperate need of a new clutch. The previous owner of this Cobra must have beat the crap out of it and didn't know how to drive a manual transmission. Getting back to the performance. I tend to agree with Chris' assessment. The Cobra was a little "tankish" but despite that feeling, it still cornered and handled well (I matched the speeds of corners as in my 01 GT), and the raw power of the thing kept me, a die-hard Mustang owner/driver, hooked. I've always wanted to test drive an M3, have only heard great things.


None of you guys know Chris, the author of this little article below. He and I work together. He knows cars like Phil knows planes. I defy you to ask him a question he can't answer. Thought you'd enjoy this. He and I spend a little time every day or two discussing pros and cons of various cars. Trying to find the perfect car (like that exists). So far, the EVO is the winner. If the insurance was affordable, I'd still have one. Although, for pure giggles, the MINI is the winner (but not enough room).

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