Monday, March 30, 2009

RickRod's rebuttal

It isn’t Hot Rod it’s Tuner or is it Tooner as in Cartoon. Mustangs, Camaros and Monte Carlos are running mid to low 8’s every weekend on street tires and they don’t need 29 freakin’ pounds of boost to do it. What does that dude run for a head gasket, criptonite or unobtainium ? Funding for the 442 got diverted to BYU just like your pappy, who could be running eights in sally by now. Some cars are better to dream about. The reality of the 442 is a mid 14 second wheel hopping, drum brake tank (as in Sherman not M-1 like the Cobra). You wait you whipper snapper some day it will run ! If I die before then Ben gets it. Maybe you guys can put two of them EVO motors in it new generation Hurst Hairy Olds redux. Still no comment on the 32 tube frame kit rod you were thinkin’ about, that’s a HOT ROD !

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