Monday, March 30, 2009

Words of Wisdom from BenRod!!!

Haha, Motorweak, that was clever!

But you guys are comparing apples to oranges here. Nobody ever doubted the V8s place in drag racing, nor even challenged it. Going straight and fast has its place, but for the ultimate driving experience, lateral Gs are there to please. Even you have admitted that one of the most fun cars to drive was the Turbo Coupe. 2.3L turbo RWD, good weight distribution, handled well, but it didn’t make 5000 HP, like your “Chrysler” Hemis in NHRA. All Chris is saying is that there is more to the driving experience than raw HP, and I agree. If you had to choose a car to drive EVERYDAY, would you choose the ‘55 Chevy with straight axle front end and the hillborn injected 427, or a ‘64 Ferrari G.T.O.??? Each has its place, but one will provide more general entertainment.

I’m pretty sure you have a 400 horse Camaro at your dispense to drive every day, but do you? You guys are stuck in the 60s man. Dude we have radial tires now, ditch the 70 series Polyglass already!

Gran Turismo baby! Ultimate driving experience. How many times have you been down the 1/4 mile in the last year??? How many times have you taken the mountain road between Lake Elsinore and San Juan Capistrano in the last year?

So we all know the cheapest way to go fast is a V8.
Used Vega = $250
roll cage + tube front end = $2000
700 HP Blown 502 = $15,000
9 inch ford rear end + 30 inch slicks = $1500
9 seconds for under $20K

You will never get an EVO in the 9s for $20K.

But you can get an EVO in the 12s for $20K, plus have a daily driver, plus have a road racer, plus have a rally racer, plus airbags, 4-doors, A/C, passes smog, legal to drive, cool date car, drive across the country, drive up mountains, drive it to the beach, drive it on the beach (AWD what?? - OK maybe not).

Now I think both Chris and I agree, nothing would be cooler than a tube frame 32 coupe in rat rod style for those sweet nights of cruising or the occasional In N Out run. But which of us can afford to have a 32 Hemi coupe sitting in the garage waiting for a cool sunny day. Now if you can have a 12 second car, without slicks, that you can drive in the Utah snow, that you can drive on the miller road racing course, down the 1/4, or up the Big Cottonwood canyon EVERYDAY of the year would you really turn it down so you could drive a hemi coupe 3 times a year?

Why can’t we all just get along???


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