Monday, July 27, 2009


So, this 2000 2.5RS WRX swapped Impreza is back on top of my list. The owner/seller emailed me back and said that he has fixed the head/valve tick issue. So, hopefully I can find a time to swing down to Alpine and see it. I love the silver on white wheels look. Those are 17x9 Rota wheels on 235/40/17 Falken tires with a WRX swap and Sparco seat on Function Form adjustable coilovers. Enjoy these pics. Hopefully I can update this post with a test drive review.

Friday, July 24, 2009

2 Suby Test Drive

So, today at lunch, I found time to check out 2 Suby's. The first one was a 2002 WRX wagon with Cobb Stage 2 mods (full turboback exhaust w/ cat, Cobb accessport stage 2), factory boost guage and short shifter (w/ STi knob) and stock suspension. It didn't have the pop that poppirod's Rex has, but I'm sure its because poppi runs the manual boost controller. It was pretty hot too and when I got there and popped the hood, I could feel heat, so he must have been driving it. It's super clean, has 115k miles and he's asking $8000. I could probably get it for $7700 or so if I offer $7500.

The second test drive was a 1995 Subaru Impreza L with a JDM (japanese domestic market) WRX engine and tranny swap, WRX sway bars, Eibach lowering springs, front mounted intercooler, no a/c and a Sparco race steering wheel (fails Christy's 2 requirements). It has all kinds of tuning crap running an STi turbo and full catless turboback exhaust. I wasn't impressed. It's claimed to be running around 300hp, but it felt no faster than the Stage 2 wagon. I noticed on the boost controller that it was only peaking at .75MPa (about 11 psi). It has a super stiff clutch with springs that chattered really bad when off throttle/load and a clanking rear upper strut bar (really annnoying and sort of unnerving). So, I told him thanks but no thanks.

So, the wagon is a possibility. It has a good working a/c, good starting mods (just needs some sweet white 17x9 wheels and lowering springs) and just passed a multipoint inspection at the Subaru dealership for a prospective buyer who bailed out. We'll see...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Benrod's Honda CB-1

Benrod picked up this nice 400cc inline 4 cylinder Honda CB-1 motorcycle the other week and it's rockin'. Only 13,000 miles and its a 1989 model, wow! Enjoy the pics. I'm hoping Benrod and get his girl to take pic of him riding it, or maybe popping a wheelie. ha ha Not yet cuz, take 'er easy eh you hoser!

You can see like a true Hechtrod, he "modded" it before he even rode it "officially". He stripped the black frame paint the previous owner laid down and did it up in silver. Looks smooth cuz! Also note the dark red Honda Wing decal he added to the tank...Ride On!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Japanese Led Sled

So, all 2 of you who read this know one thing. I'm car crazy! What kind of car? Duh! Any car. Even a '91 Lexus LS400 that's for sale down the street. This thing is sweet! It's got a 4.0L Toyota 32 Valve V8 making 250hp/260tq, rear wheel drive, IRS, leather, etc. It's dark grey, clean as an 18 month old car, not 18 years. It only has 84k miles. What? 18 years divided into 84,000 miles is only 4,666 miles/year. Wow! Low Miles ftw! So, the VIP style is right up this car's alley. VIP? Isn't that for Hollywood and CEO's? Well, yes, and no. VIP style is taking a luxury type car and lowering it down and adding great looking wheels. Here's some examples I drummed up while googling for pictures. Enjoy! So, should I take this thing for a test drive? If you know me, I already emailed my poor unsuspecting neighbor who owns the car and asked some questions and if I could test drive it. :) I am nuts! Japanese Led Sled would be cool and different!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July, Patriotism, Independence, P-51's, Mustangs and Jack Roush

First of all, Happy 4th of July, Happy Independence Day! What gets my blood flowin' for the red, white and blue better than Mustangs. Not just Ford's type, but the V12 supercharged winged version, the P-51. When I went searching for some pics of Mustangs with Mustangs, I came across this website about Jack Roush and his P-51's, Old Crow, Gentleman Jim and his newest addition, a B version of Old Crow. Check this web link for more info and pictures:

"Jimbo" here is livin' the dream. Roush Racing, Roush Mustangs, and now Roush P-51 Mustangs. Geez! Enjoy!

Couple more pics I found