Sunday, August 2, 2009

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Test Drive

So, Friday afternoon, after making a hobby shop run with Burt, we headed over to Murdock Hyundai. The salesman called me last week and said they received a turbo 4 cylinder coupe with the manual trans (when I was there, they had 3 auto tranny cars, LAME!!). So, we drop in and after waiting for a minute for the Kjarsten, they had a different kid go with me, Tyler. Brent rides shotgun and T-dawg sits in the back. The bummer is that it was like 3pm on a Friday afternoon, so we had traffic when we got on the freeway (and a cop behind me).

The good:

This car is a sweet looker for sure. Especially that Nordsleife Grey color.

The shifter is sweet and solid. That's the trans the WRX and EVO should come with. I also liked the how my arm sat on the armrest while gripping the shifter cruising around.

It had nice brakes. When I got back in my Civic, I really had to push on the pedal.

The seating position was pretty decent, the seats were sweet. Brent kept commenting on how cool they were and how they keep you planted nicely.

The bad:

It's slow, slower than I imagined. It felt like a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder, or maybe that 2.8L inline 6 from a 328i I drove months ago. The first area to address with this car is the power department. It needs an exhaust, manual boost controller and tune. Give me 50hp more and then we'll talk. The aftermarket covers that, but this would be a brand new car and I'd have no money to play with for 2-3 years I'm sure.

It's expensive. Ok, so for new cars, comparatively, its a great value and "cheap" compared to other cars out there. But, I'm on a budget. I need a car in the $10k-$15k range. I'd need a used one and those won't exist for 1-2 years for sure.

Head room is not good. I turned to look behind me and the top of my hat hit the headliner. That bugged. The seat was lowered as low as it would go. It did have a sunroof, which I would not want, so maybe that'd be enough clearance sans sunroof, who knows.

It's rear wheel drive. That's really a good (in the summer) and a bad (in the winter).

The back seat is small and only seats 2. As much as I'd really want an S2000 or 350/370Z, those are 2 seaters. As much as the Genesis Coupe and Mustang GT have a "backseat", its still not very practical when I wanna take the boys cruising, to car shows and baseball/soccer practice.

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rick said...

I saw one of these on the freeway in SLC today on the way to Lehi. Black. It was the 3.8L V6 model. Suh-weet. That definitely has to address the power issue. However, it puts it way out of the budget then. :(