Sunday, August 2, 2009

280+HP Turbo Acura RSX Type-S Test Drive

Ok guys, I test drove a 2004 Acura RSX Type-S with a Greddy Turbo kit. According to the owner and his emails back and forth, the car is making around 280-300hp at about 8-9 psi. He's asking $9,800, which isn't bad, except the car does have a rebuilt/restored title. It didn't appear that the car had bad damage, but the front end panels had some fitment issues. So, on with the show. How does the thing run? Well, its quick. As soon as the R's hit about 4000 the car starts to pull good and the front tires start to spin. The tires/wheels are stock, so that is one place where a few bucks could go to really improving both the looks and handling. On the few corners Brent and I took it had a hard time managing both the steering duties and go duties. When you stay below around 6k, this would be a pretty cool daily driver. But all that power up top is useless unless you're going like 60mph and over. Brent asked for me to do a little launch, so I gave it a go from a stop sign. I was rolling but less than 5mph. It spun for a quick sec' and then started to wheel hop really bad. Ouch! It didn't sound or feel good. Forget that stuff. I'll have to say this is a big PASS! FWD really does SUCK! I should have listened to my 2 year old and his fwd trike. ha ha

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